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2022-2023 Church/Charge Conference and Annual Forms

2023 Annual Report Form Checklist – print and use this checklist as a record of forms completed.

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Due Two (2) Weeks Prior to Church/Charge Conference (Email or snail mail to District Office) *

1. Disciple-Making Pathway
2. Church Outreach & Volunteers In Mission
3. Report of Pastor
4. Imagine No Racism (complete online at https://bit.ly/INRform )
5. 2023 Clergy Compensation Form (requires Microsoft Excel 2003 or later)
       5a. Clergy Housing Exclusion Resolution
       5b. ARP Resolution (Accountable Reimbursement Plan) Only New Appointment/Change of Appointment
       5c. 2023 Retired Serving Clergy/Lay Supply Compensation Form with excel worksheet
    NOTE: Click here for information related to compensation worksheet and resolutions above.
6. Trustee Election Ballot (for use at Charge Conference)
7. Local Church Leadership Interface & Nominations/Personnel (your own) print in landscape layout
8. Safe Sanctuary Compliance Report
9. Accessibility Audit (due in the odd calendar year)

FORMS If Applicable:

10. Declaration of Candidacy for Licensed/Ordained Ministry
11. Certified Lay Ministers
12. Certified Lay Servant
13. Lay Speaker
14. Bequest Resolution (if applicable)
15. Retired Clergy in the church (if applicable) ΒΆ 357.5
16. Parsonage Inspection & Committee

Due at Church/Charge Conference (Send to District Office)

Church/Charge Conference Minutes (with any attachments)
Church/Charge Conference Sign-In Sheet (print in Landscape layout)

Due by November 1, 2022 (Complete online, save, print and mail a signed copy to District Office) *

Pastor’s Appointment Advisory Form (requires Pastor login)
S/PPRC Appointment Advisory Form (requires Church login)
Pastor – S/PPRC Covenant Form (requires Church login)

Due by December 1, 2022 (Do not mail printed copy – just update or complete and save online) *

Church Profile (requires Church login)
Pastor’s Profile (requires Pastor login)

Due by February. 15, 2023 (Mail completed & signed copy of each to the District Office) *

Report of Trustees
Report of Finance Committee
2022 Year End Financial Report (your format)
2023 Church Budget (your format)

Due by March 15, 2023 (Mail completed copy of each to District Office)

2022 Statistical Report (complete online at http://stats.gcfa.org) *
2022 Local Church Annual Audit


  * For help logging into uny.umcprofile.org or stats.gcfa.org please contact your District Office


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